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Guest DJ: Young The Giant

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California-based indie rock band Young The Giant is back with their sophomore studio album, Mind Over Matter.

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Young The Giant teamed up with iHeartRadio to Guest DJ a radio station that represents them, featuring an eclectic mix a mix of rock, R&B, and more. Check out the band's top ten tracks below, with accompanying explanations from Sameer.

1. Acetate, "Volcano Choir"

"It's actually one of theside projects of Bon Iver," Sameer tells iHeartRadio. "We just really respect him as a musician who is able to evolve and be able to do different things. 'Volcano Choir' is just so evocative. It's able to use a lot of electronic components, but still have a lot of acoustic elements and we all just love his voice and his lyrics a lot."

2. David Bowie, "Sound and Vision"

"We were really inspired by David Bowie for this record," Sameer says. "There's going to be this continuous theme I'm going to talk about of respecting musicians who that are able to continuously revolutionize their sound and evolve. David Bowie, we were really taken by his time in Berlin and all of the experimental work he did... David Bowie is a great inspiration for being able to not worry about expectations and just do his thing and have people naturally gravitate towards him."

3. Beck, "Gimme"

"Our producer, Justin Melville Johnson, is the bassist for Beck. He did a lot of Nine Inch Nails stuff...we just love Beck and we love Nigel Godrich, who is the producer behind RadioHead and Sea Change, all the Beck stuff. This is actually one of his newest tracks. Beck came in and he was talking about him. Maybe I shouldn't be quoted, but they're working on something right now, but he was saying that these were old songs that were B sides, almost C sides, completely miscellaneous stuff that he revamped with Nigel and made them sound really cool. It's really catchy, but it's really strange. It's like a very, very weird song, but it still gets stuck in your head, so it's really cool."

4. Here We Go Magic, "Alone But Moving"

"Another band that Nigel Godrich produced just recently," Sameer tells iHeartRadio. "These guys... young band... I just love the honesty of his lyrics. His voice is beautiful, and all the muscianship is so great. The record sounds amazing... I'm going to listen to this song hundreds of times."

5. Bibio, "À tout à l'heure"

"Bibio is a great producer and artist from the UK. He makes a lot of great dance music and experimental electronic stuff... It combines a classical guitar loop with different electronic components. 

6. D'Angelo, "Greatdayindamornin' / Booty"

"... fattest groove. In every D'Angelo song you're automatically just grooving and dancing to it. D'Angelo is just such an amazing musical mind and his voice and what he's been able to do with his voice... we're really inspired by a lot of R&B and hip-hop as well. Sometimes very subtly in the vocal melodies and all that stuff, just the way he does a lot of separate tracking, double tracks his voice and each take is a little unique. It's really cool."

7. James Blake, "Retrograde"

"He's our age, but his voice is so beautiful and he's such a well trained musician in general. His music just seems like compositions, more like classical piece... At the same time he's really down to earth and really nice guy. He understands music and we played 'My Body' - one of our singles from the last record - right before him and he came up to me and he was like, 'Dude, that's like a rock song. Man, that's like a hard rock song. It's going to be hard to follow that one up with playing something so mellow.' I'm like, 'No, you're going to be fine, James.'"

8. Sigur Ros, "Stormur"

"Their new record is awesome," Sameer tells iHeartRadio.

9. Wilco, "Bright Whites"

"I love Wilco. They're like an amazing group...  Our first ever festival was at Sasquatch and we played the main stage and we just stuck around the whole day and at the end of the night we watched Wilco headline. It was just so cool to see them. They have so much material. They have so many records and people just see that into this crazy two-and-half-hour set. They're just amazing, crazy musicians. We just really dig their musicianship.. they're so solid."

10. The Roots, "The Seed (2.0)"

"I think everyone in New York loves The Roots on the Jimmy Fallon show," Sameer says.  "We also love all their new stuff. We listen to all The Roots, but this is one of the first songs I heard of The Roots. I remember I was actually in college at Stanford at the time. I heard of them before, but I never seen them live and they actually came to perform at Stanford. 

"They started playing 'The Seed' and it was like, 'Bum, buh, nuh, nuh, nuh.' You go, 'Oh, yeah.' It was like that groove and we still love the groove and it's always going back to that and that song is just so funky it automatically makes you want to dance...

"We love Quest Love. He's a really nice guy. It would be awesome to have him just do some second drums on some of the tunes."

BONUS! Young The Giant, "It's About Time"

"It's most definitely the most aggressive song on the record," Sameer says of the lead single from Young The Giant's second album, Mind Over Matter. "But phonetically, it makes sense with the lyrical matter. I think some people might be like, 'Oh, this is very different from Young the Giant's stuff.' I think once they hear it in context with the rest of the record it will all make sense and I think it's a good entrance, a good introduction into the record, most definitely."

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