"Hot & Busted" is proof girls are craaaaaaaaaaaazy

Here's the explanation from the website...


Hot & Busted streams mugshots of some of this country’s best bred men with chiseled jaws, curly hair, striking eyes, and lawless characters. By clicking on any of the photos, users can pull up the mug, place of arrest and charge of each individual (“Driving with a revoked license” – HOT, “Illegal Alligator Fishing” – NOT). On the net for a few years now (but still relatively unknown), Hot & Busted‘s got KUWTK’s Scott Disick on the list, Shia LaBeouf too, but the Tumblr’s mostly chock-full of unknown men who are dope dealers, drunken drivers, and jaywalkers. Head on over to the blog for hot grills and busted thrills, and thanks us l8r.


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